Morso Soggiorno tours do not include travel insurance, but we do provide a link below to a site where you can shop for the best prices. If unexpected circumstances should arise and you must cancel or interrupt your trip, we strongly urge you to consider buying travelers insurance to help defray costs The Consumer Reports article below can help you to determine what insurance, in addition to your own health insurance policy, you might need. This may include coverage for emergency evacuation and worldwide emergency assistance service.

Travel insurance provides help in many unexpected circumstances, such as loss, delay, or damage of baggage; a medical problem that may suddenly arise which causes you to cancel your trip; and medical costs outside the U.S. (most medical policies, including Medicare, do not provide full coverage for medical expenses incurred outside of the U.S.). 

Consumer Reports helps to answer the question: "Do I need travel insurance?" here.

We recommend which sells insurance from 21 different carriers.