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Book-ending the best of harvest time in Italy. Olives become olive oil, grapes become wine, and truffles become dinner. And lunch. All explored from a historic but working baglio, and a feudal lord's castello.


piedmont + Lake como 

Turin's chocolate and coffee make it a food lover's paradise, and Slow Food's Salone del Gusto is the Garden of Eden. Then on to Lake Como, where pastel villas contrast jewel-toned water and mountain slopes.

Madrid + Basque country

Madrid. Elegant, exciting and completely on its own timetable. Re-set your watch to experience world-class culinary, art and life-loving ways. Then, the mystery and delights of Basque Country await.



Linda loved Basilicata before she even saw it--her grandfather was born there. She yearns to share the warmth and simplicity of Southern Italy, where food and history are the backbone of everyday life. 





With our partner, LatinArtSpace, we'll explore all the best that Cuba has to offer: art, music, architecture, emerging privately-owned dining options (paladares). Did I mention rum tastings and cigars?


COMING IN 2018   Moscow + St. Petersburg

On the horizon: A tour of Provence with a celebrated chef, the splendors of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the wonder of the Croatian coast and islands, and an insider's trip to Venice. Stay tuned.