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Our new trip: Madrid and Basque Country

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In June, one of Jonathan's dreams will come true: we'll bring a group to his beloved Spain. With so many great regions to choose from, we finally landed on Madrid and Basque Country, the perfect combination of urban excitement and pastoral pleasure. The trip sold out almost immediately, and over plates of jamón serrano and queso Idiazábal, we finalized an amazing itinerary.

One stop will be the Marques de Riscal Winery, where we’ll enjoy a private lunch on the terrace of the Michelin star restaurant set within a striking Frank Gehry-designed building. For dessert, we’ll take an English language tour of this venerable Spanish winery, with wine-tastings of their award-winning reds and whites along the way.

Check back for highlights. You'll see we've carefully crafted a blend of cultural, culinary and wine experiences guaranteed to immerse our guests in the unique destinations we visit. 

photo credit: @hotelsandresorts

photo credit: @hotelsandresorts

Beyond the Romance

My guests and I may be the travelers, but these folks are on the real journey. And while we're seduced by the romance of these old-world, artisan-centric stories, beneath the surface, there's an underlying reality that is bone-crushingly difficult.

Sicily + Piedmont, October, 2015

Interested in seeing itineraries from past trips? Here's one for Sicily and Piedmont, 2015. Yes, my bags are packed again. This time, we'll be bookending the best of Italy in October as we explore western Sicily, and then venture north to Turin and Barolo country and truffles! What could be better? 

Tripe? Truffles? Tastings? It's a Barolo Trifecta.

The annual Tripe Festival. Of course! What else would make the already virtually impassable winding mountaintop roads of Barolo, Italy narrow even further with cars parked haphazardly along both sides? On the sunny October Sunday afternoon of our visit to the famed Marchesi di Barolo Winery it was the tripe festival.