Should you choose to travel with us, we'll send out all the information you need in advance to help you get ready for an awesome trip. But in the meantime, we've tried to answer the most common questions that come up here. If you have others, don't hesitate to get in touch.

What makes Morso Travel different? Why should I choose you?

Linda and Jonathan only lead groups to destinations they have thoroughly researched, personally investigated and vetted, and have experienced first-hand. They’ve established local contacts in artisan food and wine production, sourced unique local restaurants, and ferreted out amazing accommodations. Their travels are legendary and now they’re sharing their expertise and travel wisdom with select travelers.

Can I speak to someone who’s traveled with Morso Travel?

Of course! We’re happy to ask former guests to share their experience with you, and happy to say that many of our guests are repeat customers.

What are the meals like? 

Ah, the meals. Our trips are all about local, artisanal experiences. So, we’ll take you where the locals eat and order seasonally available foods that are prepared based on age-old traditions and customs. You’ll be surprised and delighted, whether there are Michelin-starred chefs or old Nonnas at the stoves.

What are the wines and spirits like?

Whether it’s a local Slow Wine (organic) find that’s not available Stateside, or a vertical Brunello or Barolo tasting of a legendary vintage, all of our wines are sublime. Local craft beers and spirits are also available at most meals.

Is wine included in my trip cost?

Yes! Wines and digestivi (the customary after dinner drink, like grappa, limoncello, etc.) are included at all meals except the few you will have at your leisure.

My partner loves food and wine, but not 24/7. Do you offer other activities?

Certainly. Our trips are a carefully balanced combination of food and wine, culture (think museums, galleries, music and dance), and lots of walking. That said, we’re happy to organize a day of biking, an afternoon at the beach, and even dance lessons – think Flamenco in Madrid. If you crave it as part of your experience, we’ll research it, and try to offer it to the group.

Where do we meet?

We’ll share a location and time for our initial meeting. We’ll recommend a flight, and, if you choose to take it, we’ll meet at the airport. Morso Travel will arrange transportation from the airport. If you choose to travel on our own, or perhaps arrive early, we’ll meet at the hotel.

How are the accommodations?

Our accommodations are four- and five-star boutique hotels, often with spa services available. Breakfasts are always included. On occasion, if we are in a remote area, we will select a well-appointed B+B, and we’ll share that info with you as part of the itinerary. Rest assured, we understand that since we’ll be keeping you on-the-go a good part of the day, a restful, comfortable, and relaxing place to unwind is key to an excellent experience (for us as well).

Can you help with pre- and post-trip travel arrangements?

We’re happy to help with your pre- and post- trip travel, including booking additional hotel nights at our hotel, if you like.

What’s the weather like in the region we’ll be visiting?

For weather information for every region of the world, visit Weather Underground.  http://www.wunderground.com/global/IY.html

Am I expected to tip my guides?

No. We’ll take care of all gratuities to guides and at meals.

How much spending money should I bring?

We suggest you bring €20 a day in spending money for the occasional coffee, snack or street-food purchase.

How do the ATMs work in Europe?

ATMs are widely available in Europe. Amex, VISA and MasterCard can be used to make cash withdrawals in local currency. Exchange rates are competitive, calculated by your bank based on the daily rate. Be sure to check with your credit card company to determine your daily withdrawal limit. Your debit card, if it is associated with a credit card, will work as well.

Should I alert my financial institutions that I am traveling?

We strongly recommend that you notify your bank and credit card companies that you will be traveling abroad. Fraud protection is a great thing, unless your own card gets frozen while you’re abroad.

Are credit cards accepted?

In Europe, cash is king. However, most establishments accept VISA and MasterCard. Some, but not all, accept American Express.

Will my cell phone work in Europe?

Your cell phone will work in Europe. However, roaming and data charges are very expensive. We suggest you contact your service provider about international service plans. These can be purchased for short term travel and offer data, text, emailing and calls based on your needs. Shutting off unneeded Apps and using WiFi where possible will help cut down on data usage and prolong your phone's battery life.

 Will WiFi be available at our hotel?

Yes, most of our hotels offer WiFi. Keep in mind, WiFi speed in Europe is not as fast as it is in the U.S.

I'd love to chat more about your trips. Can we have a telephone call?

Certainly. Please fill out the contact us form below, and we'll schedule a convenient time to talk. Happy to do it.