"Knowledge is only a rumor until it lives in the muscle."

--Proverb, Tribal New Guinea


We met young, fell in love and quickly bonded over a shared zest for life and a passion for travel. Fast forward a few decades and after multiple careers, Linda (a former chef) returned to her roots and began blogging about food and sustainability.

Linda believes that to do her subjects' stories justice, she has to spend time with them--the chefs, farmers, artisan food and wine producers plying their craft in old world ways against the odds in an era of mass production and globalization. Before long, a lot of people were asking if they could tag along. Hence, Morso Soggiorno was born.

If you yearn for new experiences, love great food, yummy wines, good conversation and an appreciation for the good (yet simple) life, we're going to get along just fine.


Partners in life. Partners in travel.

Linda Plazonja

Chef, blogger, restaurant consultant, social worker, mom, yogi--Linda wears many hats. But one of her favourites is 'food sherpa.' She is relentless in her passion for celebrating artisan producers and sharing new food and travel finds with people. Nothing makes Linda happier than saying, "Here, try this" and then watching someone's face light up as they experience a sublime dish or a yummy new wine for the first time.


Jonathan Plazonja

It's no surprise that Jonathan has an incurable case of wanderlust. As a child, he lived in Manhattan, Mexico City, Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid, Miami, Connecticut, Caracas and San Juan. Today, he's the creative director of a Boston-based ad agency focused on luxury travel. Jonathan shares Linda's passion for food, wine and new experiences. He co-hosts certain trips and acts as guest wine blogger, photographer and translator.